About us

Matrix Safety Industrial Ltd. is committed to being your partner in Occupational Health & Safety by serving your Personal Protection Equipment &First Aid needs.

Providing a safe work environment and preparing for medical emergencies is challenging. The job is made tougher as your company strives to meet government safety standards, and keep up-to-date with the new policies and guidelines. Tackling the task yourself is an option:

•Inventory your safety supply stock regularly
•Verify your first aid kits are always properly stocked
•Find a supplier
•Order what you need each time
•Wait for the supplies to arrive
•Replenish once it does arrive

As you’re doing all this you may wonder,

•“Am I ordering the right first aid supplies?”
•What if an emergency arises and I don’t have the right stuff?
•Are my employees using the right safety gear?
•Are they properly protected for the job they’re doing?

If you ever find yourself asking these questions, Matrix Safety Industrial can help. For local service, contact our office and ask for your sales representative’s personal cell phone number. With our fleet of fully stocked first aid and safety service vans, our sales representatives come to you to service all your safety and first aid needs. They will find the answers for you to make sure you have the proper equipment. We have the resources and training to help you make informed decisions about your safety and first aid requirements.

•Our service will speed up delivery, decrease back orders, and save you time and money.
•Our qualified staff can help answer any safety or first aid questions you may have.
•Whatever your needs are, we can meet your requirements with professional, courteous service.

Contact Matrix Safety Industrial today to schedule your first meeting or delivery and get the level of service for First Aid and Safety that stands out in the crowd.