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The Tri-Grip®combines a unique elastomer with a triangular stem for a more natural, secure grip. The earplug has three half sphere flanges which easily contour to the inner ear with virtually no pressure! The Tri-Grip® is designed for all day/ all night comfort. Available in standard size or slightly smaller Tri-Grip®JR for smaller ear canals.

  • Spherically curved flange design gives the most  comfortable fit of any reusable earplug
  • Conforms to oval shape of ear
  • Unique triangular stem assures full control when  inserting into ear canal
  • Washable - promotes worker hygiene
  • No rolling or touching plug portion during insertion
  • Standard and smaller “JR” size available
  • Metal detectable  versions
  • CSA Class A(L)


  • Tri-Grip 3
  • Tri-Grip 2
  • Tri-Grip

Information Table

Box Qty Description Model
50 Uncorded in plastic cases 9007
50 Corded in plastic cases 9008
100 Corded in bags 9010
50 Uncorded JR in plastic cases 9017
50 Corded JR in plastic cases 9018
100 Uncorded in bags 9019
100 Corded JR in bags 9020
100 Cloth cord in bags 9030
100 Cloth cord JR in bags 9040